Welcome to the MxPx Auction!

Before you get started perusing all the goodies here's a few things you should know:

1. The auction officially starts on Monday April 19th. No bids will be accepted prior to this date.

2. In order to place a bid you must register with a valid email address, full name, mailing address and phone number.

3. The auction will end on Monday April 26th just prior to Mike and Tom's Special Acoustic Performance.

4. All winning bids must be paid within 48 hours of the close of auction. All winning bids not paid will be discarded and the runner up will be contacted as the winner.

Happy bidding!


Yes, this is an Ebay style auction, but you must monitor your bids diligently. Your max bid may not be sufficient to win the item. Please email us if you have any questions.
Send questions to auctions@mxpx.com

Acoustic Jam Session at Stickam.com 6:30PM PT 4/28

Item Shipping Information Notice

Shipping is not included with the items and we did that on purpose. Once the auction is over, we will contact the winners with 3 shipping options and what the total would be for those options. That way, if you win 3 or 4 items, we can make it one flat shipping cost instead of charging per item shipping costs. We will work to find the cheapest shipping prices for you.


Send questions to auctions@mxpx.com